Rescuing Lives

Rescuing Lives Outreach

Salvations: 3
Re-dedication for full time ministry: 5
Prayed for: 149
Healings: 2
It's been an amazing time being able to reach out to several different communities. When we ministered to the widows, one of the youngest widows who has 4 children actually makes money by selling jewelry. So to sow into her life and help support her our team bought some jewelry from her to help her business. Even though it may have been a small gesture on our part, I know that she greatly appreciated it.
After we ministered to the widows, Jaipaul's ministry through Rescue Lives gave 30 sewing machines to the widows so that they could become self-sufficient. Widows in India are usually forgotten and left on their own, so they must try to find any means to make a living. Through our time with the widows we're seeing not only a community being transformed but also the Lord's compassion for the poor and needy being met.
Keep praying for us. We'll be leaving for Aruku Valley soon for a week and then going to a remote destination.  Thank you for your prayers and support.