Jaipaul and Sarah Papabathini

Jaipaul SarahRescuing LivesJaipaul Papabathini was born and raised in India. He was raised by his parents, Pastor Phillip and Lilly Papabathini, to be a bold speaker & teacher. They imparted into him the foundational skills for caring and providing for the lost and hurting people of India. Jaipaul also inherited his father's heart for the widows and orphans. Jaipaul is married to Sarah Papabathini and they have two children, Jedidiah and Elizabeth. Jaipaul is also an evangelist, teacher, and international missionary. Jaipaul's fiery heart and passion for the lost and hurting have reached across all denominations and generations. His excitement and passion for life encourages others to do the same!

Rev. Phillip & Lilly Papabathini

Pastor Philip and Lilly PapabathiniRev. Phillip & Lilly planted the International Pentecostal Church of Christ in southern India and later established Hope for India Missions in India as well as America. Rev. Phillip was a powerful speaker and pioneer in India. Through his service to India as a high ranking police officer, he was a very well respected man in the community and surrounding areas. Mrs. Lilly was a powerful woman of God who touched the lives of every person that encountered her. She loved the orphaned and widowed and extended a helping hand to all those in need. She was an example of strength, guidance, and wisdom to the brokenhearted and needy. Later in Rev. Phillip’s ministry career, he passed on his ministry to his sons and it continues to thrive to this day. Rev. Phillip & Lilly’s vision to preach the gospel, plant churches, minister to widows and orphans is being carried on around the world through their children and grandchildren.

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Our Mission & Vision

Rescuing Lives is an outreach to the people in the poverty-stricken areas of India. Rescuing Lives, through its support, delivers a life-changing hope to widows and orphans that have no one else to help them. Rescuing Lives provides assistance for needs in smaller villages and slums. The mission for Rescuing Lives is to support and care for the widows and orphans and give them a hope and future through resources, training, and education. Rescuing Lives also endeavors to be a bridge between the needs of the diverse cultures in India. The Vision is for Rescuing Lives to be an effective fulfillment of the Great Commission in this generation. The areas that we are ministering in we have been fulling that Great Commission by providing help, education, and resources; of which, have proven to be successful in the lives of all that we have reached.

Rescuing Lives currently supports widows and orphans in India that come from poverty-stricken areas and areas that are high risk for human trafficking of children. If you are interested in additional information about the orphans and orphanages in India, you can contact our office at admin@rescuinglives.org

Rescuing Lives' office is located in Arkansas, US. Rescuing Lives operates under a 501c3 status. For more information about Rescuing Lives please contact us by emailing us at admin@rescuinglives.org.

Rescuing Lives Vision

The vision of Rescuing Lives is to reach the impoverished, the widows, and the orphans. To provide aid, instruction, training, and education in the most impoverished un-reached areas of India. To rescue children and widows from the streets and slums of India, and bring them to secure facilities where they can gain an education and learn a trade to better support themselves. To rescue children that are at extremely high risk of being sold into human trafficking or being left to survive on their own abandoned in severe inhumane living conditions. In these efforts, the goal of Rescuing Lives is to raise up a generation of children in India that have been discarded to know that they can have a future and give them the opportunity they need through good nutrition, education, and training so that they can live a better life and make a positive difference in the community they live in.

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Jaipaul Papabathini