Even Camels Bow Down PhotoOn a recent trip to India, as I was riding in an auto and taking in the vast scenery, I was thinking about how busy life seems in the city life of India.  People are hurrying everywhere they go, on bicycles, motorcycles, in autos, and walking.  It seemed everywhere I looked; people were hurrying to get to their destination.  I knew that we also needed to get to where we needed to be, although I kept seeing glances of places that I would have liked to have slowed down for a bit and enjoyed.  Like the architect of a building, the rich colors of fabric being sold in the market, or fruit stands with fruit that we don’t see where I live.

When you travel to another country, it is a lot of fun to go see something great, like a castle, or the Taj Mahal, or grand tourist attraction.  Although, those places are wonderful to tour, on this trip I wanted to see the heart and the beauty of the country.  I wanted to pay more attention to the culture and history of the people.  As we continued on and I looked beyond the business of life going on, I felt God beginning to show Himself to me through His creation in the little things of India.

One thing that is rarely seen in America, mostly at a zoo or circus, is a camel.  On this particular day we passed by a camel rental business on the side of the road.  As we passed by, I saw a camel on the side of the road bowing on its front legs and God brought to my remembrance the scripture of, “….every knee shall bow and every tongue confess.” Isaiah 45:23.  It brought a smile to my heart as I realized that there are so many little details in our life that God uses to speak to us through.  Every time I see the picture of the kneeling camel that scripture comes to my mind and I remind myself to slow down even in the midst of the business of life and take time to see the small details of His creation and thank Him for them.

I want to encourage you, that as you are going along about the busyness of your life today, to remember to slow down and recognize God’s creation in even the small things in your life and to give Him praise and thanks.

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